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"...for I am the Lord who heals you" (Exodus 15:26)

Since its opening in the spring of 2009, Western Kentucky Family HealthCare, Inc.,  has continued to grow and now offers primary care Walk-In Clinic services as well as traditional Primary Care and limited Occupational Medicine services to the people of Mayfield/Graves County and surrounding area. 

Please see our Walk-In Clinic Policy below for more details.

Dr. Jeff Carrico is a Board Certified Family Physician treating patients of all ages for their primary care needs. He was born and raised in the Western Kentucky area and has practiced in the Mayfield community since completing his residency training in the summer of 1993.


                 Jennifer K. Wilkerson, ARNP          Jeffrey A. Carrico, MD          Tanya G. Harmon, ARNP



Open for Walk-in visits Monday through Thursday from 8am to 4:30pm and Friday from 8am to 4pm.

Primary Care appointments available during the hours as well.

Please see our Walk-In Clinic Policy below

Western KY Family HealthCare, Inc.

Walk-In Clinic Policy

  • WKFHC offers a walk-in clinic with the hours stated above.

  • It may be closed for various holidays with notices posted at the office the week of the closure.

  • It is staffed by a physician or nurse practitioner on a rotating schedule.

  • Services offered on the Walk-In Clinic include evaluation and treatment of acute minor to moderate medical problems and injuries that need to be addressed “sooner rather than later”.

    Examples include acute infections, simple lacerations, new pain problems suggesting a possible acute medical problem and minor acute injuries.

  • It is NOT designed to address chronic or ongoing medical problems, health maintenance issues, chronic pain or anxiety problems. These type of medical issues should be addressed with scheduled office appointments. WKFHC has primary care appointment slots available for these type of problems for those who qualify and desire such an appointment.

  • It is NOT designed for medication refills (pain, nerve or other medications).

  • Temporary primary care services may be, in some instances, provided to patients presenting to the Walk-In Clinic at the discretion of the WKFHC staff. For example, when a patient's usual primary care physician is unavailable and a relatively urgent need exists.

  • In order to ensure prompt evaluation and treatment and to minimize patient wait time, multiple problems will not be addressed when patients are seen on the Walk-In Clinic.

  • It is NOT an emergency department and is NOT designed to address severe or potentially life or limb threatening medical problems. Examples include chest pain with any possibility of being cardiac, head injuries or obviously severe injuries/fractures. Problems of this nature may be referred to a hospital emergency department where safer more immediate evaluation and treatment can be rendered.

  • Xray tests may be ordered but are NOT provided at our facility. These tests will have to be performed at a medical facility that offers these services.

  • WKFHC is a fee-for-service facility and appropriate payment is expected for services rendered. Failure to do so may cause future services to be denied.